I am leading the Centre for Migration and Urban Research at the Department of Geography, University of Tartu. Cities today are more diverse than ever before. They are at the same time the main drivers of innovation and economic growth, and sites of growing social and ethnic inequalities. We investigate the dynamic nexus between neighbourhoods and housing, social and ethnic stratification, and housing segmentation and spatial segregation in the cities. Our research contributes to the better understanding of how to plan better cities that are more liveable and more just for a diverse set of population groups.

My major research areas are migration, residential mobility and housing studies. I have published more than two dozen articles in international journals, including Demography; European Journal of Population; Demographic Research; Environment and Planning A; Population, Space and Place; Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Urban Studies, Cities, and Housing Studies. My current research focuses on the ethnic dimension of segregation processes across different life domains, including residential neighbourhoods, workplace establishments, family (intermarriage) and schools. I am also interested in the evolving patterns and determinants that are shaping socioeconomic segregation in East European cities, as well as in the dynamics of East-West migration in contemporary Europe.

My research is mainly based on large-scale national micro datasets such as Estonian censuses and Swedish Population Register. My research is interdisciplinary (human geography, demography) and international, including in-depth and comparative studies from Estonia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia Lithuania and Poland. My co-authors from abroad are as follows: